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Innovation is everywhere. In 2007, we began podcasting and interviewing technology experts and innovators. In 2010, we rolled out our online magazine Techistan and social video Muntwo. We are media partner for hundreds of Earth's favorite empowering events. We hope you enjoy listening to our conversations here on DIDX podcasts.

About us: Super Technologies, Inc. was a dotcom startup in 1999 ... providing voice over dialup Internet services and Virtual Phone Lines (a service that enables people and organizations to have a local presence in any of up to 60 countries and be a local call to their VIP) via direct inward dialing and SIP.

In 2005, we started DIDX, enabling 10 telecoms to buy and/or sell phone numbers wholesale. By 2011, we now serve 18,000 wholesale IP communications companies on DIDX.

Conversations with Tech and Social Leaders

DIDX Audio Podcasts is a program devoted to the art and craft of technology and social leadership and inspiration. The show, created and hosted by the DIDX.net team since 1999, features interviews with real people who have accomplished things we want to share. They are of different nations, religions, careers, gender, and attitudes. Be inspired! And please recommend others for us to interview and let you eavesdrop on!

Download Earthlink, Ingate, and DIDX Discuss Unified Communications, SIP Trunking and ITEXPO Easat 03-12-2016 (17.53 MB)

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Earthlink, Ingate, and DIDX Discuss Unified Communications, SIP Trunking and ITEXPO Easat

  • Earthlink, Ingate, and DIDX Discuss Unified Communications, SIP Trunking and ITEXPO Easat

    Earthlink's Director of IP Services and Product Management Scott Yelton: In October, Earthlink announced an acquisition of DeltaCom which is a regional telecommunications player in eight states across SouthEast USA. We announced an additional acquisition of One Communications which is in the NorthEast and Central U.S. Prior to that we acquired in the West of New Edge Networks which is a data player, maybe this a real powerhouse of business opportunities throughout the nation.

    DIDX's Vice President Suzanne Bowen: I'm happy to share this. I wish the best to all in this win-win combination.

    Ingate is a great enabler to service providers. Both of you will participate in ITEXPOEast Feb. 2-4! Miami Beach will be a dynamite, educational and business-developing event. Steve, tell us about the new Service Provider Pre-Conference Workshop held on February 1st

    Ingate's President Steve Johnson: We're happy to offer this additional day of the traditional element of the ITEXPO with our SIP Trunking Summit activities. We realize there is good size population that attends ITEXPO that is from the service provider community. There are service providers like Earthlink and DeltaCom, delivering SIP trunks and doing so very successfully.

    There are other companies that are attempting to get into this business, both large and small. The purpose is to expose the firms to concerns that they should have when delivering a SIP trunking service ... voice replication, unified communications ... additional revenue.

    The Case for SIP Trunking: How to Minimize Deployment Costs and Maximize Revenue at http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/conference/east-11/attendees/e11-ingates-sip-trunking-workshop.htm. Free for all from Feb. 1-4! There is a SIP TRUNK-UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS SUMMIT on Feb. 2, Unified Communications Day on Feb. 3, and SIP Trunk-Unified Communications Boot Camp
    Feb. 4, complete with certificates.

    Scott Yelton of Earthlink Business will present Feb. 1 at 2:30 PM and Feb. 2 at 11:30 AM. To reserve space contact hillary@ingate.com.

    Visit www.itexpo.com ASAP to participate, with 15 collocated events during ITEXPO East in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida.

    Check out www.ingate.com where providers interface with SIP-enabled IP-PBX, eliminating the need to achieve interoperability with every IP-PBX vendor. Ingate Firewalls and SIParators serve as a “normalization engine” between the IP-PBX and ITSP, paving the way for successful SIP trunk roll-out.

    Find opportunities at www.earthlinkbiz.com/ and www.deltacom.com for business customers. EarthLink is unifying business-centric divisions under one powerful and recognizable brand. As a result, New Edge Networks and Deltacom will become known as EarthLink Business.

    Service providers, sign up at www.didx.net, where 18,500 + providers have completed interop/interconnection to buy and/or sell wholesale SIP DID w/ advantages such as ring-to SIP, IAX2, and Skype; LNP, SMS, fax in some areas ... also receive complimentary publicity via DIDX media tools: podcasts, social video and online magazine. See us at booth 340 during ITEXPO East in Miami Beach.


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