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Innovation is everywhere. In 2007, we began podcasting and interviewing technology experts and innovators. In 2010, we rolled out our online magazine Techistan and social video Muntwo. We are media partner for hundreds of Earth's favorite empowering events. We hope you enjoy listening to our conversations here on DIDX podcasts.

About us: Super Technologies, Inc. was a dotcom startup in 1999 ... providing voice over dialup Internet services and Virtual Phone Lines (a service that enables people and organizations to have a local presence in any of up to 60 countries and be a local call to their VIP) via direct inward dialing and SIP.

In 2005, we started DIDX, enabling 10 telecoms to buy and/or sell phone numbers wholesale. By 2011, we now serve 18,000 wholesale IP communications companies on DIDX.

Conversations with Tech and Social Leaders

DIDX Audio Podcasts is a program devoted to the art and craft of technology and social leadership and inspiration. The show, created and hosted by the DIDX.net team since 1999, features interviews with real people who have accomplished things we want to share. They are of different nations, religions, careers, gender, and attitudes. Be inspired! And please recommend others for us to interview and let you eavesdrop on!

Download Interview on the Work of Pakistan Sustainable Network Founder Nimra Archer and Wastebusters CEO Asif Farooki 03-12-2016 (4.85 MB)

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Interview on the Work of Pakistan Sustainable Network Founder Nimra Archer and Wastebusters CEO Asif Farooki

  • Interview on the Work of Pakistan Sustainable Network Founder Nimra Archer and Wastebusters CEO Asif Farooki
  • Pakistan Sustainability Network is an emerging, action-oriented network. It is involved with many projects that promote positive growth and a better life for many in Pakistan. Another company that is well-established is WasteBusters and its recent Pakistan flood relief efforts are inspiring. The groups embrace and promote sustainability in all cross-sections of Pakistan society.

    ... Asif Farooki on the 2010 floods in Pakistan: "Asif Farooki: This is not an area of our expertise. We jumped into this to help at the beginning because we felt that no one was moving around 2 or 3 months ago. We saw it on TV. We work some in Peshawar and other parts of the northern areas which is where the floods hit first. The sheer magnitude of the problem ... it was so big and shocking that nobody really knew what to do.

    We felt this was an area that needed help and we could help. Some of the communities that we work in were hit badly. So went in there thinking we could provide food and other kinds of relief. We set up a camp in Charsadda. This is in the mountains. You probably been there, Suzanne. You don't see floods normally in the mountains. Normally this happens nears seas and rivers.

    The water level was up 14 feet high. People's entire homes ... we went to streets ... we put pictures up on our website where  everyone can see."

    On Wastebusters ...

    "The social motivators each have two sanitary workers under them who collect the garbage from the homes daily. It is the social motivator's job to make sure the waste is removed. The whole idea is that if we pick up garbage from the homes... unlike you in the USA, we have a lot of garbage dumps around because it is typical for people here to just throw garbage out in the open.

    If we pick it up from the home and take it to a proper recycling point, then we do not have to see all this trash around. We take it to the recycling plant, sort it, tag for compost and other recyclable categories. We are also producing RDF (refuse drive fuel) for producing energy from waste.

    We collect money, a service charge from each household, about 50 rupees, about half a USD per month for this service. This money goes toward the salaries of the social motivator and the sanitary workers. The ecopreneur collects all this waste in a truck or van and brings it to a recycling plant where we pay him by weighing the garbage, about 300 rupees per ton for the waste that they collect for us.

    We in essence, have created this business for small companies or entrepreneurs who are interested in getting involved with waste management. This means both income-generating and waste cleanup activities."

    Read the complete transcript at http://www.techistan.com. Connect with <a href="http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=107560275951114&ref=search">Wastebusters</a> and <a href="http://www.facebook.com/sustainablepak?ref=ts">Pakistan Sustainable Network</a> on Facebook. 


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