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Innovation is everywhere. In 2007, we began podcasting and interviewing technology experts and innovators. In 2010, we rolled out our online magazine Techistan and social video Muntwo. We are media partner for hundreds of Earth's favorite empowering events. We hope you enjoy listening to our conversations here on DIDX podcasts.

About us: Super Technologies, Inc. was a dotcom startup in 1999 ... providing voice over dialup Internet services and Virtual Phone Lines (a service that enables people and organizations to have a local presence in any of up to 60 countries and be a local call to their VIP) via direct inward dialing and SIP.

In 2005, we started DIDX, enabling 10 telecoms to buy and/or sell phone numbers wholesale. By 2011, we now serve 18,000 wholesale IP communications companies on DIDX.

Conversations with Tech and Social Leaders

DIDX Audio Podcasts is a program devoted to the art and craft of technology and social leadership and inspiration. The show, created and hosted by the DIDX.net team since 1999, features interviews with real people who have accomplished things we want to share. They are of different nations, religions, careers, gender, and attitudes. Be inspired! And please recommend others for us to interview and let you eavesdrop on!

Download DIDX's Suzanne Bowen Interviews Neumind Founder Ee Bee Gan 03-12-2016 (7.34 MB)

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DIDX's Suzanne Bowen Interviews Neumind Founder Ee Bee Gan

  • DIDX's Suzanne Bowen Interviews Neumind Founder Ee Bee Gan
  • Ever wondered how you made it through years of lecture and note-taking at schools? You had parents with high expectations. If only the teachers had thrown in a bit of learning keeping in mind, multiple intelligences. Neumind understands.

    Ms. Gan Ee Bee knew authentic education involved more than rote learning. Children needed an education that was effective, multi-faceted and would prepare them for the changing world. She set out to expand on some of the best practices in early childhood and elementary education, and participated in programmes under Dr Kurt W. Fischer and Howard Gardner, Bigelow Professors at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She was mentored as a Mind Brain Education researcher, with majors in educational leadership and brain science research methodology. 

    Ee Bee came to understand that environmental and organismic factors influenced prenatal and postnatal brain development, and that a child's early experiences played a significant role in their learning and education. She turned to biology for more answers on how to help children read and retain information, and what kinds of curriculum were aligned to children's brains.

    In 2003, Neumind (previously known as Brain Hemisphere Research), the Rethinking School was born, with curriculum based on the emerging field of Mind, Brain and Education, which connects biology and cognitive science to education. Neumind embodies a new approach that involves interactive learning and new brain science research. It helps children read, think and learn better, thereby sparking confidence and competence. They become creative problem-solvers, develop cognitive and leadership skills, and better concentration, imagination and memory.

    Neumind is passionate about nurturing young minds and developing a caring and effective education system. Our curriculum is defined by partnerships with well-known research mentors, who ensure brain science research and proven learning strategies are used. Neumind energises people and gives them new ways of thinking and learning, by activating neurons and forming new pathways in the brain.

    “Learning is not just figuring out how to do something; it is also the process of figuring out how not to do something.”

    Kurt W.Fischer

     Visit www.neumind.org.


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