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Innovation is everywhere. In 2007, we began podcasting and interviewing technology experts and innovators. In 2010, we rolled out our online magazine Techistan and social video Muntwo. We are media partner for hundreds of Earth's favorite empowering events. We hope you enjoy listening to our conversations here on DIDX podcasts.

About us: Super Technologies, Inc. was a dotcom startup in 1999 ... providing voice over dialup Internet services and Virtual Phone Lines (a service that enables people and organizations to have a local presence in any of up to 60 countries and be a local call to their VIP) via direct inward dialing and SIP.

In 2005, we started DIDX, enabling 10 telecoms to buy and/or sell phone numbers wholesale. By 2011, we now serve 18,000 wholesale IP communications companies on DIDX.

Conversations with Tech and Social Leaders

DIDX Audio Podcasts is a program devoted to the art and craft of technology and social leadership and inspiration. The show, created and hosted by the DIDX.net team since 1999, features interviews with real people who have accomplished things we want to share. They are of different nations, religions, careers, gender, and attitudes. Be inspired! And please recommend others for us to interview and let you eavesdrop on!

Download The Virtual Marketing Guru Jaymie Scotto 03-12-2016 (12.93 MB)

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The Virtual Marketing Guru Jaymie Scotto

  • Jaymie started the Jaymie Scotto & Associates in 2005 and now works with some of the most impressive clients like you. Her team which includes Ilissa Miller executive vice president and  Michael Corr director of brand development, assists conferences, businesses and individuals, especially in the telecommunications industry in branding in the most natural and empowering ways imaginable.

    I met Jaymie online when I asked a question about how to use the Deal Center for Comptel 2007. I was expecting a curt, probably rude answer, but instead was told in a few kind words what to do and even a phone call to guide me through. It took a total of 3 minutes. Right away I was able to start planning my before, during and after meetings (virtual and physical) for business.

    The team empowers individuals, businesses, and events to market successfully and cost-effectively via Jaymie Scotto & Associates and the Deal Center.

    Jaymie gave me a list of her favorite websites:

    http://www.jaymiescotto.com/jsablog/ Telecom News Now
    http://www.facebook.com (Jaymie and Ilissa are a part of the Women in voIP group on Facebook. This group is open to all women in the IP communications industry such as early adopters, developers, business owners, business teams, media channels.)
    http://www.tmcnet.com (We discuss the new dark fiber channel with Deal Center included and the DID/DDI channel on TMC.)
    and of course... http://www.jaymiescotto.com.


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