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Innovation is everywhere. In 2007, we began podcasting and interviewing technology experts and innovators. In 2010, we rolled out our online magazine Techistan and social video Muntwo. We are media partner for hundreds of Earth's favorite empowering events. We hope you enjoy listening to our conversations here on DIDX podcasts.

About us: Super Technologies, Inc. was a dotcom startup in 1999 ... providing voice over dialup Internet services and Virtual Phone Lines (a service that enables people and organizations to have a local presence in any of up to 60 countries and be a local call to their VIP) via direct inward dialing and SIP.

In 2005, we started DIDX, enabling 10 telecoms to buy and/or sell phone numbers wholesale. By 2011, we now serve 18,000 wholesale IP communications companies on DIDX.

Conversations with Tech and Social Leaders

DIDX Audio Podcasts is a program devoted to the art and craft of technology and social leadership and inspiration. The show, created and hosted by the DIDX.net team since 1999, features interviews with real people who have accomplished things we want to share. They are of different nations, religions, careers, gender, and attitudes. Be inspired! And please recommend others for us to interview and let you eavesdrop on!

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Obama and DIDX Members Leverage the Blackberry

  • SACS is an international steel trading company with 14 locations worldwide and 200 business clients. The key necessity is to increase their global presence. They already had a Cisco unified communications backbone for their IP PBX with integration of RIM (Research in Motion) Blackberry MVS (Mobility Voice Suite). The One Number Reach enables them to have one phone number ring at the user's desk phone and the Blackberry simultaneously. With a Blackberry connected to the PBX plus a laptop and data card in the hands of each of their global sales staff, all can access and use the company's CRM and ERP systems.

    "DIDX has been a great asset in accessing global DIDs for a virtual presence. We've been assured of quality by choosing DIDs from DIDX sellers with vendor rating of higher rating 5-8. We're also able to control those DIDs from one central location, very convenient," states Omar Ali Chohan, SACS' CFO and Vice President. "DIDX has truly assisted in exponential growth of the company.

    Calls are routed via SIP into the SACS' PBX to for example their USA or Dubai office. They are provisioned as Blackberry calls One Number Reach. In addition, the MVS offering enables DID to be used as a mask for inbound and outbound calls. The caller ID will not be the Blackberry number but instead the DID from DIDX. The company is extremely careful about following the law in regards to items such as donotcall.

    DIDX president Rehan Allahwala asked SACS for suggestions to improve its wholesale direct inward dialing platform. Omar Chohan replies, "DIDX should partner up with virtual office providers such as HQ and Regus Group. They provide a DID and office address in the same city for a local presence for example in NYC, Los Angeles, or London. If they were using DIDX, they would be able to offer a larger global footprint."

    "Cable companies have proven that businesses and consumers often choose one single bill with one company over bills from several companies in a world thatis increasingly complex. I believe that Omar is making a valid point," says Suzanne Bowen, CEO of Super Technologies, Inc. who provide DIDX.

    In the current global recession, many companies with great ideas who startup are not able to take the chance to open full offices in key areas of the world where their service and product should originate from. A prestigious office address and a local DID, ideally in any of the 55 countries or more that DIDX offers are a great jump start and a way to compete effectively. The bottom line is to please the customers, gain them, and keep them. Overhead for SMB and SME increases but with technological tools such as virtual offices and DIDs, successful growth can be a reality. Real estate and physical presence no longer are a necessary part of a great product or service.

    "Cloud-based business and cloud-based computing are popular today, and DIDX is a real part of that for companies like ours who need local presence in hundreds of global locations," adds Omar Chohan. "Why not have companies like HQ and Regus Group resell your DIDs? They have over 800 physical locations. They could offer more."



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